S.E.S. Shoo Confirmed To Be Girl Group Member Who Owes 600 Million Won In Unpaid Loans

“I apologize for causing any trouble.”

It was previously reported that a former popular girl group member was being sued by two people for unpaid loans, one of which was known to be used for gambling.

Former Popular Girl Group Member Sued After 600 Million Won in Unpaid Loans


This former girl group member was revealed to be S.E.S.’s Shoo.


Shortly after news of the former girl group member broke out, netizens and the media began to suspect a few celebrities who matched the description, one of whom was S.E.S’s Eugene.


Eugene’s agency immediately responded to accusations by claiming that the girl group member in the news was not her.

“It is not true. It’s absolutely absurd. (Eugene) is being accused through comments but it is not true.” ㅡ C9 Entertainment


Later that day, Shoo confessed that she had decided to come clean after Eugene was put in the spotlight for this scandal.

“After seeing Eugene who I love so much being suspected and rising on the real-time search rankings, I became determined to reveal myself.” ㅡ Shoo


Moreover, she openly explained the story of how her debt came about.

“I didn’t know much about gambling or casinos. I went to the hotel with an acquaintance to rest and visited the casino by coincidence. I lost a lot of money and ended up in debt. I wasn’t able to repay the hig interest. From then on, it was just a viscious cycle.” ㅡ Shoo


She added that her total debt was not all a result of gambling and that she would make certain that her debts were repaid.

“(The total debt) includes loans that I took out for personal reasons. I will make certain that the loans are repaid. I apologize for causing any trouble.” ㅡ Shoo

Shoo is now facing lawsuits for unpaid loans of 600 million KRW ($531,815 USD).


Source: Dispatch and My Daily