S.E.S’s Shoo Makes Successful Debut As A Livestreamer Plus See Bada’s Heartwarming Message To Shoo And Her Fans

“From now on, let’s just live well. You weren’t you at the time. You just weren’t you, that’s all.”

S.E.S member Shoo made her successful debut as an internet streamer, reaching 27,000 viewers on April 25, her first day as a streamer.

Shoo | SM Entertainment

On April 26, according to streaming platform FlexTV, the former idol also earned 2 million points and over 11 thousand likes, statistics good enough for 20th place on the platform’s rankings.

| Flex TV

During her live stream, Shoo connected with her fans who had been waiting for her.

Shoo on her livestream | Flex TV

The singer spoke about her past controversy, tearfully stating, “I was immature and I gambled. I am reflecting on my past actions. I understand that I was so very irresponsible, and I would like to apologize.”

Shoo | Korea Times

It seems her fans were not the only ones that were excited about her return.

Fellow S.E.S. member Bada also made news for her kind Instagram story leading up to Shoo’s live stream debut.

Bada | @bada0228/Instagram

On April 25, the former idol and S.E.S. member uploaded a picture of Shoo on her Instagram story. Captioned along with the picture, Bada wrote a heartfelt message,

Please send strength and encouragement to Shoo, who has been reflecting on her mistake for the past four years.


Bada also wrote to Shoo, whose real name is Yoo Sooyoung, “Have strength Sooyoung… Fans, please be with her~ tonight at seven on FlexTV.”

Bada’s Instagram story dedicated to Shoo | @bada0228/Instagram

Bada had previously scolded Shoo on a previous episode of TV Chosun‘s Star Documentary before she and Eugene showered her with love.

It’s okay. From now on, let’s just live well. You weren’t you at the time. You just weren’t you, that’s all


With Shoo’s return, albeit through live streaming, fans are rooting for the idol’s return to grace and are hoping she will be able to greet fans through mainstream media soon.

See the members of S.E.S embracing their own in the clip below.

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