Seth Rogen says he may avoid North and South Korea on “The Colbert Report”

Seth Rogen made an appearance on the December 15th episode of The Colbert Report where he talked about his movie The Interview and the hack on Sony.

The comedic actor made an appearance on the show two days before Sony made the final announcement of pulling the movie from theaters before its release.

Stephen Colbert asked whether he thought North Korea was a “jolly regime” that would like the movie, to which Rogen replied, “We did not think they would love the concept of the movie, to be totally honest. But more than anything, I mean, we wanted to make a movie that had kind of one foot in reality. That’s something that we as film makers like and think is interesting.”

He then goes on to say that they did a lot of research into North Korea and its leader and tried to paint a picture of him as close to reality as possible. Colbert then goes on to ask him, “You know you can’t go to North Korea now right?” 

Rogen acknowledged the comment, adding that he wasn’t planning to go prior to the movie, but sadly enough for safety reasons he would not go to South Korea either. As a joke, he continues to say that he probably will even stay away from K-BBQ, but loves K-pop.

Colbert is not a stranger to K-pop as he has previously had a dance battle with Rain and even made his own Korean music video in response to Rain beating him on TIME Magazine’s “Most Influential People in the World” list in 2008.

You can watch the interview between Seth Rogen and Stephen Colbert below: