Netizens React To Dispatch Article Exposing Seungri’s Disturbing Love Life

“Wow… Isn’t this so dirty?”

Netizens reacted to a Dispatch exclusive exposing Seungri’s cheating escapade.


On October 4, Dispatch released an exposé covering Seungri’s alleged cheating.

Dispatch Reveals Seungri Was Two-Timing Different Girls During His Bali Vacation

In the article, Dispatch revealed that Seungri had meticulously planned a trip to Bali, so that he could see two women, one after the other.

I felt so embarrassed when Woman B contacted me. Every part of our itineraries were all the same. Only the woman changed.

All of my stops aligned with B’s. The same restaurants, the same menus. He recommended the sandwich that I liked to B. The pictures with the sunset in the background… It was all the same, down to even the finest details.

The picture of the golf course? I took that picture on September 22. Seungri sent it to B saying he was there with business acquaintances and that he was so tired. Just wow.

— Woman A

The article also released damning text messages between the women Seungri cheated on as well as messages between Seungri and one of his lovers.

A: I’m going to throw up.

B: [Picture of Seungri in the hotel room]

B: He came over, I’m talking to him right now.

B: What are you going to do, unnie?

B: Did you know he picked me up at the airport after dropping you off?

B: You should have been apologizing to me, and that wouldn’t have been enough. Instead, you’ve been lying to me from the beginning to end, treating me as if I’m an idiot.

B: Like, wow… I don’t deserve to be treated like this. I’ve been a hard-working person all my life. You’re driving me crazy.

B: You haven’t learned any lessons, have you?

B: They say bad habits don’t die.

Seungri: My apology was sincere.

B: All your excuses are just lies.

B: From the start to the end.

B: There are probably more victims out there, huh? Do you even understand what kind of damage you’ve done to two women?

B: Ugh… I’m getting chills down my back. I’ve never been this angry out of my mind.

B: You think nothing of people around you, huh? Damn it.

Netizens reacted to the report, with many expressing disgust. Many also were surprised at the fact that there were women who would be willing to date Seungri in lieu of his national scandal.

| theqoo
  • “Wow… Don’t they find him disgusting, though? How can they even date him? I guess it’s because he’s rich.”
  • “This is hilarious, LOL. I guess he doesn’t have any issues dating women.”
  • “He is doing the most.”
  • “I’m most surprised that women would date him.”
  • “But aren’t they scared that Seungri might take private photos of them? They are so brave.”
  • “I’m not even surprised, LOL. This is hilarious, LOL.”
  • “How ‘fantastic’.”
  • “He’s a pimp that views women as tools he can use for his business. Why would you even expect him to be faithful? LOL.”
  • “He’s living his best life despite his crimes because he made a lot of money.”
  • “I can’t believe that they are able to date a sex offender.”
  • “They accept the fact that he is a sex offender but draw the line at cheating?

What are your thoughts?

Source: theqoo