Seungri Gives Words Of Advice To MAMAMOO’s Hwasa That Every Junior Idol Should Hear

Seungri had a lot of advice for Hwasa.

BIGBANG’s Seungri recently appeared in an episode of Please Take Care Of My Fridge with MAMAMOO’s Hwasa. 


He initially revealed that MAMAMOO reminded him of BIGBANG’s early days… 

Seungri Says MAMAMOO Reminds Him Of BIGBANG


…And gave this advice to Hwasa. 

“Right now is the time to take a closer look at your members. If everyone’s attention is on Hwasa, the other members may feel sad.”



He also warns Hwasa that MAMAMOO should make their own paths as the industry can be cold and cruel. 


In fact, his advice is so realistic it can apply to any junior idol member in the industry. 

“A mistake can happen at anytime. You should always be careful of what you say and check whether your microphone is on or off.”



And he had more to share… 

“Whenever you’re buying clothes that have English words written on them, make sure to research what they mean.”


Just like  G-Dragon used to do for BIGBANG’s maknae…


Simple tips that can make a difference in the industry! 


Source: Newsen