SEVENTEEN Brings Along A Furry Friend To Fan Meeting

Bookkeu has taken over SEVENTEEN’s fan meeting!

SEVENTEEN held a mini fan meeting after their pre-recording for MBC’s Music Core on September 28.

The group’s fan meeting turned into a fan meeting for Bookkeu, Seungkwan’s maltese.

For those that don’t know who Bookkeu is, here’s a picture for you.

It was revealed that Seungkwan’s older sister had brought Bookkeu with her to the pre-recording session and was showered with love by Carats who were also fans of Bookkeu.

Carats couldn’t help but love the interactions between Bookkeu and the members.

Bookkeu looking cozy in Seungkwan’s arms.

Mingyu puckering his lips asking for a kiss from Bookkeu, who is totally not interested.

Who’s the dog here? Why is Mingyu sticking his tongue out too?

And if you still want to see more cuteness from this furry guy, check out Bookkeu’s Instagram @bookkeu_puppy. Yes, Bookkeu has an Instagram.