SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Finally Reunites With Actor Lee Soo Hyuk — The Idol Is Gaining Attention For His Use Of Emojis

Can this duo’s relationship get any more wholesome?

When it comes to one of the most unexpected but strongest bonds in the Korean entertainment industry, the interactions between SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi and actor Lee Soo Hyuk are truly legendary.

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi | @ho5hi_kwon/Instagram
Actor Lee Soo Hyuk | @leesoohyuk/Instagram

At the start of the year, the two were wrapped up in “dating rumors” after the world’s cutest interactions, both on social media, in videos, and on their “Movie date,” where they went to see the film The First Slam Dunk.

| @leesoohyuk/Instagram

| @ho5hi_kwon/Instagram 

Hoshi and Lee Soo Hyuk started trending on social media. Many shared that by posting the picture, Hoshi wanted people to notice his relationship with the model as he is always so open about their friendship.

Well, it seems like the duo are back to quench the thirst of netizens with their interactions. Eagle-eyed netizens noticed that Hoshi had followed Lee Soo Hyuk’s private Instagram from his own account.

If that wasn’t enough, the two seemed to have reunited after Lee Soo Hyuk posted a picture of them with the model’s arm around Hoshi. Others also noticed that they were seemingly matching their outfits.

| @leesoohyuk/Instagram

While seeing the duo back together wasn’t surprising, Hoshi gained attention after reposting the story to his own Instagram. Although netizens couldn’t get over the picture in itself, it was the emoji that sent the internet into meltdown.

Rather than just any generic emoji, Hoshi put the one with two men and a love heart in the middle, which is the “Male Couple Emoji.”

When the post was shared, netizens couldn’t get enough of the interactions and how Hoshi had added the emoji to his story. The bond between the two stars is undeniable and will never stop sending the internet into a meltdown.

While it isn’t often that K-Pop idols and Korean actors interact publically, Hoshi and Lee Soo Hyuk are proving that it needs to happen more often.

You can read more about the duo’s bond below.

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