SEVENTEEN responds to whether they regard MONSTA X as their rivals

Power rookie group SEVENTEEN made an appearance on the recent Weekly Idol broadcast where one of the focus of discussion was on MONSTA X.

Both SEVENTEEN and MONSTA X are rookie idol male groups that debuted under Pledis Entertainment and Starship Entertainment respectively, dropping their first album in May 2015. Due to their close debut dates, the two have been considered rivals by the public, but are they really?

On October 28th, this topic was brought up to SEVENTEEN in which they said, “As we cheer on one another, we gain lots of strength. We’re  happy that we all got to promote together this time as well. It’s nice to be a close group,” adding, “MONSTA X (is a kind of team that) likes to stand on the stage together rather than compete.”

SEVENTEEN released their second mini-album BOYS BE on September 10th, promoting the title track “Mansae,” while MONSTA X dropped their second mini-album RUSH. They recently changed up promotions to the track “Hero” from “Rush.”

Source: Herald Pop