SHINee’s Key’s “Gasoline” MV Reaps Rave Reviews From Fans

The lavish styling for 7 different outfits in just one MV is astounding!

SHINee‘s Key is currently getting rave reviews for his “Gasoline” MV from fans, and with good reasons.

The song is a catchy blend of hiphop and dance, but with a retro vibe that appeals to a wide range of listeners. The MV, from start to finish, is a reveal of opulent styling, with seven different looks throughout the MV, set in different dramatic backdrops.

The opening scene was impactful, hinting at the song’s strong message.

KEY ‘Gasoline’ MV | SMTOWN/YouTube 

“Gasoline” is the title track for his second LP of the same title, his first full-length studio album since his first LP, “Face,” in November 2018.  Key described his new album as “peppered with various musical colors” but with “retro” being the biggest inspiration in his music.

Retro is not something new to me, but it’s just me. I love old-fashioned things, and it’s what is to my taste. I didn’t want to hide my identity from music listeners. It’s what I wanted to show as a soloist, and I worked on the whole project with a humble attitude.

— Key

The song speaks of strength and survival, with Gasoline as the symbolic ‘fuel” for Key to continue his journey. It’s a song that reflects his grit and perseverance to continue to deliver what is expected of him.

KEY ‘Gasoline’ MV | SMTOWN/YouTube 

These lyrics resonate with Key’s confidence in himself.

KEY ‘Gasoline’ MV | SMTOWN/YouTube  

In the end. Key does deliver to the force that drives his energy and inspiration. His fans.

I know it sounds corny, but fans are the only ones who can root for and support us in any given circumstances and situation. That means a lot to singers. When it comes to myself, I like to show myself. I feel accomplished when I see my final outcome, which is like a present I give to my fans and me.

— Key

Shawols have reciprocated Key’s efforts with love and praise.

Watch the full “Gasoline” MV here:


Source: Music worth a listen: Key on his 2nd LP ‘Gasoline’