SHINee’s Key And Minho Hilariously Roast Each Other And We’re Living For It

Let’s be real, when are they NOT roasting each other?

SHINee‘s Key and Minho made a guest appearance on Painful Truth, a comedy talk show hosted by comedians Lee Yong Jin and Lee Jin Ho, and didn’t waste any time in bickering and roasting each other.


The two took turns in being the host and guest, with Key as a host and Minho as the guest for the first part. While the majority of the content is scripted, the moments that Key and Minho took to make fun of the other outside of the script said much about their chaotic 13 year friendship.


Key was relentless from the start, hilariously telling Minho to “keep it cool, man!” when Minho kept asking when he would be introduced. Don’t worry, Minho got his payback when they switched roles, immediately telling Key “we haven’t introduced you yet, so we’re going to blur you out.


At one point, Lee Jin Ho asked Key to read one of his lines about Minho, which was “Your face is so small like a bean sack, I want to carry you in my pocket.” Key had immediately laughed and followed the statement with “Don’t be silly, I want to hit him with the bean sack.” Ouch.

Minho had grown comfortable with the skit format, so when it was his turn to host, he didn’t hold back. From aggressively asking Key to sing a verse from one of his favorite BoA songs, to even bickering with the hosts, Minho had a good time.

Lee Jin Ho: But when Minho came out on a leave during your military service, you didn’t have any clothes to wear?

Minho: Right.

Lee Jin Ho: So you wore the costumes that you wore for SHINee’s performances throughout your leave…

Minho: Why are you addressing everything that has to do with the military service to me?? Key also served!! Why are all the questions for me?!

Key: It’s funny because you served as a marine!!

Watch the first part of the hilarious talk show below!