SHINee’s Onew Posts On Instagram For The First Time Since Jonghyun’s Passing

SHINee’s Onew updated his fans on Instagram for the first time in nearly 10 months.

SHINee‘s Onew has been quiet on Instagram for nearly 10 months but he’s finally broken his silence by updating his fans about his current health.


He uploaded a photo of beautiful flowers that were taken by his mom. He reassured his fans that he’s happy.

“My mom sent me this photo. I hope everyone’s happy. I’m happy and doing well.”

— Onew


This was his first post since December 22, 2017, just a few days since Jonghyun’s passing. He had left a caring message to people who were hurting.

“It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. I want you to just remember one thing. Someone loves you more than you love yourself. I’ll also cheer you on. I love you.”

— Onew


SHINee Worlds showered him endearing messages, thanking him for the update and welcoming him back to Instagram with open arms.

  • “I’m glad that you’re happy.💟”
  • “Oppa😭 I really missed u💔 how are you? Plz stay strong ur the best 😘 don’t be sad we love u❤ so proud of you king👑”
  • “We all know that it’s better to be happy and deeply in our heart, we always remember and appreciate our beautiful past and precious memories❤ love you Jinki and our SHINee”
  • “Your update and your healthy mekes shawols happy more than every thing .always be happy”