SHINee’s Minho and Onew Are The Only Ones Who Still Lives In Their Dorm

“I’m usually with Onew hyung at the dorm.”

SHINee’s Minho recently appeared on an episode of Please Take Care of My Refrigerator and revealed that after 10 years since his debut, he is still living in a dorm!


Apparently, he and Onew are the only ones that still live in the dorm.

“Some of the members come and go…but I’m usually with Onew hyung at the dorm.” ㅡ Minho


When asked about eating at home, Minho said that he and Onew often eat at home as the housekeeper who comes to their house is an excellent cook.

“We eat often (at home). We have a housekeeper and she’s a very good cook, so…you’ll see when you see our refrigerator.” ㅡ Minho


All the members and guests on the show were quite surprised when they saw Minho’s refrigerator full of drinks, food and ingredients!


The hosts of the show noticed that there were a lot of eggs in Minho’s refrigerator and Minho explained that he loves eggs. He even shared a simple egg recipe that was one of his favorites.

“I’m from Incheon and in Incheon, we take boiled egg and top it with cucumber and chojang (chili pepper paste with vinegar) and it’s the perfect combination. I often eat this when I get hungry at night.” ㅡ Minho


They also noticed that various drinks including yogurts, milk and sports drinks took up a big part of Minho’s refrigerator.

“After taking a shower, rather than drinking water I drink sports drinks and it feels very refreshing.” ㅡ Minho


Another food that is apparently one of Minho’s favorites is none other than kimchi!

“I love kimchi. There has to be kimchi when I eat. I have to eat chonggak kimchi and regular kimchi… I also love kimchi jjigae. I’ve eve had kimchi jjigae for a whole month before.” ㅡ Minho


By the looks of SHINee’s refrigerator, it looks like fans don’t have to worry about Minho and Onew having enough to eat thanks to their wonderful housekeeper!


Source: Naver TV