Shinhwa’s Eric Got Tired Of Dying His Gray Hair Every 2 Weeks — So He Shaved It All Off

“I decided to liberate my scalp.”

One of K-Pop’s OG visuals, Shinhwa‘s Eric has surprised the nation with his most recent look. While his fans may be used to the Shinhwa member looking like this,

Shinhwa’s Eric.

or like this…

| Sports Chosun

…his most Instagram upload showed off a much hairless Eric! According to the Shinhwa member, he has been “dying [his] hair every 2 weeks since [his] 30’s” so in an effort to give his scalp a break, he decided to shave his hair off. He uploaded the picture with the caption:

| @muneric/Instagram

The day was hot so…I have been dying my hair every 2 weeks since my 30’s. I decided to liberate my scalp. #saltandpepper #honeybadger #asurvivalupdateforthefirsttimeinawhile #imhungry #iwantseafoodsoup #iwanthoneybecauseofmymood:)

— Shinhwa’s Eric @muneric/Instagram

Gray hairs or not, Eric looks good no matter what!

Source: theqoo