“Show Me The Money 4” to be reviewed for Mino’s controversial lyrics

Show Me The  Money 4 will be undergoing review after receiving complaints for WINNER’s Mino’s rap lyrics. 

On July 13th, it was reported that the KCSC (Korean Communications Standards Commission) reacted to the complaint and will be reviewing the controversial lyrics used by Mino on the program.

This was a response after viewers of the show reacted strongly and complained to the misogynistic image given by the program.

The lyrics in question were used by Mino during his battle with Kim Yong Soo back in July 10th. Despite the program known for the frequent use of vulgar language, he was accused of crossing the line with the line, “Mino sniping the girls. Spread your legs like you’re at the gynecologist.” A follow-up to contestant Lee Hyunjun’s previous rap on female sexual organs.

According to the Korean Communication Standards Commission, Show Me The Money 4 gained complaints form their last season and were given a disciplinary sanction. As they closely monitored this new season, an incident involving alleged misogynistic lyrics came up, which led them to further discuss and review it.

Source: StarNews