Rapper Simon D Bought His Niece A Luxurious Toy Car And It Cost Over $3,000

Talk about hefty price tag!

Rapper Simon D recently appeared on I Live Alone with his adorable niece and they have been making headlines ever since. The rapper’s niece, Chaeon took the world by storm with her pretty visuals, despite being only 2-years-old. On the MBC variety program, Simon D showed off his adoration for his niece and during his time on the show, he shared that he would do anything for her. This included buying all the toys in the world to make her happy.

Simon D with his niece on “I Live Alone” | MBC

One particular toy that caught the eyes of netizens was a very luxurious toy car. The white child-size car had a vintage look with a tan interior, which made it evident that it was no ordinary toy. Simon D surprised his niece with her new toy on the I Live Alone episode.

The luxurious toy car | MBC

The rapper, who was noticeably excited about his gift to his niece, asked Chaeon if she wanted to ride it.

Simon D: “Do you want to ride it?” | MBC

However, the 2-year-old rejected his request and declined to play with her new, luxurious toy.

Chaeon: “No I don’t want to.” | MBC

Hawk-like netizens were able to find out exactly what model toy car Simon D had purchased for his niece and unsurprisingly enough, the car came with a hefty price tag. The gorgeous white toy car is by the brand D.Throne and the exact model that the rapper purchased is a whopping ₩3.39 million KRW (about $3,030 USD). Talk about luxury!

| Naver

While Simon D was disappointed with Chaeon’s rejection, her mom later shared a photo of her happily riding in the car on her Instagram page.

| @honeyzzangbaby/Instagram

You can watch Simon D gift Chaeon the toy car down below!

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