[★VIDEO] Singer Hwayobi apologizes for cancelling her concert after passing out

On December 30th, singer Hwayobi passed out due to severe stress during her year-end concert The Person: Hwayobi, and was immediately sent to the hospital.

Hwayobi’s agency Studio Curiosity posted a video of the singer apologizing via their Facebook page on the December 31st, on her knees and eyes full of tears as she looked on towards the camera with remorse.

“Hello, this is Hwayobi. Dear audiences who came to the concert, and dear fans; I am truly, truly sorry. Although passing out wasn’t… it wasn’t intentional… it still is my fault. I want to apologize to you all. I wanted to say sorry to each and every one of you, but this was the only way available. I don’t want to make the same mistake at tomorrow’s concert… I’ll do my very best, no matter what. Still… I’m sorry for all your time and effort you spent… near or far, the distance you had to… to come to the concert…. I am truly sorry. Please forgive me. I’m sorry.”

The agency additionally wrote their own apologies for the sudden accident, and that Hwayobi’s conditions are now in stable state. They also mentioned that Hwayobi had sent the video herself requested for her apology to be posted online, as apologizing to those who have spent their time and came all the way to see her in concert was the priority.

“Although we fully sympathized with Hyawobi after checking the video, we decided not to post it after inner discussion for it might have a negative impact on the artist’s image up until 4AM (KST). However, Hwayobi once again demanded for it to be uploaded releasing it after today’s concert would be meaningless without a preceding apology. Therefore, we post Hwayobi’s apology. Please understand us. We hope for your passionate support for today’s show,” wrote the agency.

Hwayobi’s concert was held at Coex Auditorium, Gangnam, Seoul, at 10PM KST on December 31st.


Source: Newsen