Singer-songwriter “A” Under Police Investigation For Alleged Illegal Filming Of Women’s Bodies

The case is currently under investigation.

Singer-songwriter and music label CEO “A” (42) is currently under police investigation for the alleged illegal filming of women’s bodies.

Seoul’s Gwangjin Police is investigating the charges of singer “A” for allegedly using a camera device to take illegal videos of women’s bodies as well as sexual acts up until the beginning of this year.

Lawyer Bae Geun Jo revealed that he received an anonymous report on this case this past April and filed the complaint. Singer “A” went through investigations last month and have admitted to part of the accusations that was reported to the police by Bae.

Ever since the police investigations began this past June, singer “A” has erased their profile from portal websites as well as photos and information online before the press revealed news about this matter online.

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According to a phone conversation with SBS funE, “A” commented, “I am aware that what I have done is illegal and I regret it so much. I have started a family and have done many donations since the beginning of this year and am trying to live a life of reflection.”

Singer “A” debuted in the music industry after making an appearance at a music festival in 2004. “A” released an official album, singles, and have released 120 or so songs as a singer-songwriter. “A” also has a history of publishing an essay about love in the past.

Source: sbs news