Singer Tei Reveals The Shocking Amount Of Money He Makes With His Burger Restaurant

His singing career basically became a hobby for him.

Singer Tei is best known for taking over the charts as the Prince Of Ballad during the early 2000s. But he’s recently become equally famous as the owner of a popular burger joint!


Tei appeared on Omniscient Interfering View where he talked about how he’s slowly become better known for his restaurant than his singing career. His restaurant is so popular that even he can’t eat a burger himself!

It’s been about exactly a year since I started. It has its ups and downs but I think it’s going well.

— Tei


One of the hosts asked the most he’s ever made in one day from his restaurant, and Tei revealed he’s topped $3,400 with just a few seatings!

Our restaurant is small, but we earned over 4 million won (~$3,400 USD) in one day.

— Tei


Yang Se Hyung quickly did some “math” and estimated that Tei’s restaurant earned about 1.7 billion won (~$1.4 million USD) in one year!


Tei quickly denied the number and claimed it was too exaggerated.


He explained that there were bad days during the year when they didn’t even make 400,000 won (~$340 USD) in a day.


Nevertheless, Tei’s handmade innovative burgers look as if it’s to die for!

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