“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Lim Min Su Opens Up About The “Shady Behavior” That Made Her The Show’s “Villain”

“I was very tired that day.”

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Single’s Inferno 2 just finished airing with a shocking season finale. Now, viewers are being treated to some of the contestants’ genuine thoughts about their experiences through the YouTube channel The Swoon.

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In addition to talking about the realities of spending time in Inferno (the island the contestants stayed on), the contestants have also opened up about many of the different decisions they made on the show. Like Shin Dong Woo‘s explanation for “tricking” Lee Nadine.

Dong Woo and Nadine | Netflix

Lim Min Su is another contestant who, like Dong Woo, got a lot of backlash from viewers for “shady behavior” toward Nadine.

Min Su | Netflix

As Nadine was one of the fan-favorite contestants, it’s no surprise that viewers wanted her to get a happy ending. Many viewers loved her chemistry with Kim Jin Young and hoped that the two would ultimately leave Inferno together. Although, now that the series is over, fans are perhaps even happier with Nadine’s actual ending on the show.

Nadine and Jin Young | Netflix

But as the series was airing, Min Su was dubbed “the show’s villain” for her interference with Nadine and Jin Young’s time together.

It was no surprise that Min Su was immediately drawn to Jin Young, who was popular with most of the female contestants, choosing him as her first date for Paradise. But after Min Su and Jin Young’s first trip to Paradise, viewers wanted Nadine to have the opportunity to spend time with Jin Young, wanting to see their chemistry develop further.

Unfortunately, Min Su first interfered with that when she interrupted their entertaining conversation on the beach at Inferno.

And then intervened again by choosing Jin Young as her Paradise date for a second time, preventing Nadine from selecting him as she’d hoped to.

Even beyond Min Su’s choice in selecting Jin Young a second time, preventing Nadine from taking him, viewers couldn’t understand why Min Su would choose Jin Young when he’d already essentially rejected her.

And, of course, on their second Paradise date, Jin Young was even more clear that he didn’t see Min Su in a romantic way.

But now Min Su has cleared up the intention behind her decision. As the contestants watched parts of the episodes, Min Su explained that not only did she enjoy her time with Jin Young in Paradise, but she wasn’t in her best condition when they went. So she wanted to spend more time with him.

I went to Paradise with Jin Young the day before. I enjoyed my time there. I was very tired that day. And I was very nervous to hear that we’ll be playing wrestling as soon as I return.

— Lim Min Su

(Left) Min Su and Jin Young in Paradise, (right) Min Su | The Swoon/YouTube 

Min Su also seemed more aware of Jin Young and Shin Seul Ki‘s connection than Jin Young and Nadine’s. She admitted she felt relief when Seul Ki lost at wrestling, since it meant she wouldn’t be taking Jin Young to Paradise.

I noticed there was something between him and Seul Ki. Seul Ki played first, but the result wasn’t good. To be honest, I was able to relax.

— Lim Min Su

Seul Ki | The Swoon/YouTube 

But ultimately, before the wrestling match even began, Min Su knew she was going to choose Jin Young a second time if she won.

Since the beginning, I planned to choose Jin Young. So I wanted to win. I didn’t think about anyone else.

— Lim Min Su

Nadine | The Swoon/YouTube 

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