SISTAR’s Bora clarifies rumors of discord between Dasom and Hyorin on “1 vs 100”

Rumors that members Dasom and Hyorin of SISTAR do not get along well have been circulating and Bora made sure to address these and put them to rest once and for all during her appearance on 1 vs 100.

Aired on the afternoon of July 21st, Bora commented,  “When Dasom was feeling sorry for herself, saying that her body wasn’t pretty, Hyorin said, ‘What’s wrong with your body. You’re so pretty here,’ while touching that part of her body. Dasom was feeling timid, and so when fans have taken pictures from far away, it looked like she was getting in trouble [by Hyorin]. Our facial expressions are various. So I think that’s why this misunderstanding came out to be.”

SISTAR just recently wrapped up promotions for their hit summer track “Shake It.”

Source: MBN