SISTAR’s Bora wishes to work with BFF Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany

SISTAR’s Bora reveals her close relationship with Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and expresses her desire to professionally work with her. 

During SISTAR’s comeback showcase for “Shake It” on June 22nd, the members were asked about the singers they want t collaborate with. As Soyou expressed her wish to work with veteran singer Park Hyo Shin, Bora stated that, “I wasn’t able to do a collaboration with an artist within our agency, I would like to collaborate with one of our agency artists, if possible.” 

Surprising the fans and audience alike, she also revealed how fun it would be to do it with friends and pointed out Tiffany to be the close friend that she wanted to collaborate with.

Meanwhile, Bora joins SISTAR as they launch their promotions for “Shake It.”

Source: Newsen