Skinship Ban Among Female Idols In Produce 48 Dorms Sparks Questions

These questions will leave you feeling all sorts of paranoid.

So far, Produce 48 has been a hit with fans and it looks like things will be as successful as both seasons of Produce 101. With so many fans tuning in, netizens have picked up on a few odd thins in the show so far, including the introduction of a rule limiting physical contact.


When the show introduced the rule to ban kinship within the dorms, it raised a lot of eyebrows—particularly because the rule was introduced on air for all viewers to see as opposed to behind the scenes like most other rules.


This left quite a few suspicious netizens curious as to whether something had already happened during the show’s production to prompt the introduction of such a rule.

  • “You can’t put a rule like that and expect me not to wonder what happened. Like is there some widespread lesbianism going on in the 48 groups? Did something happen last season?”

  • “Probably. I think it’s a bit weird too…making this ‘intimate’ rule so public all of a sudden. So I feel like SOMETHING must have definitely happened for them to go this way.”

  • “Why did they put a rule?? Did something happen behind closed doors?”

  • “I did find that rule quite weird. Like just don’t show clips of them doing skinship if you don’t like that. Why forbid it unless necessary? WTF?”


Others questioned both seasons of Produce 101 wondering if something had happened in previous seasons to suddenly spark this rule.

  • “Why did they ban it? Did something happen last season?”

  • “Is there really a rule like that? Maybe something happened in previous seasons and they got complaints from the trainees?”

  • “Something must have happened that we don’t know of in previous seasons.”


While many netizens questioned the bans, others hoped that it wasn’t due to someone’s discomfort.

  • “I hope this isn’t because someone was made to feel uncomfortable by any affection they didn’t want.”

  • “I know this seems funny but some of the girls on this show are pretty young and I find this rule a little disturbing since they must have felt they needed it.”

  • “Maybe another contestant simply didn’t feel comfortable with something that happened behind closed doors and complained?”

  • “Spontaneous displays of affection between consenting adults are great. Unwelcome kissing, groping, etc. are never ok and if that’s why there is a no skinship rule, then that’s great.”


With so many questions surrounding the ban, many people are looking to Mnet for answers. Unfortunately, as of now, Mnet has yet to make a statement in regards to the rule and, in the meantime, netizens will continue their debate as to what the rule truly means.

Source: @shndnshtk