Slight Change In BTS’s Blog Leads To Theories They May Be Coming Back

Detective A.R.M.Ys are at it again!

A change in what fans speculate is BTS‘s blog, “Flower Smeraldo”, has A.R.M.Ys convinced the group is gearing up for another comeback.

The blog has been linked by fans to BTS’s previous comebacks and Highlight Reel videos.


“Flower Smeraldo” has been on “rest” since last year, with a post informing readers that it would be temporarily closed.


But now it has deleted its “closing” post and changed design – to a new banner that uses the same font and color as the “Love Yourself: Her” album.

And it also changed logos, to BTS’s universe one, all but admitting fan theories about the blog’s connection to BTS!


The blog was discovered right before BTS’s last comeback dropped in September last year, with fans finding all sorts of parallels between the flower shop site and BTS.

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Smeraldo is a fake flower that keeps coming up in BTS MVs.


So fans are speculating that because of the minor changes to the blog’s content, BTS’s comeback is starting!

  • “That is usually the sign of new comeback.”
  • “August comeback is pretty much confirmed now!”
  • “My whole being is ready”
  • “So ready!”


Fans are discussing what kind of comeback is planned and are debating whether it will be a new mini album or a repackage.

  • “Going full dulu and going along with the Tweet that says August comeback, I’m hoping for a repackage to seal the deal on award shows LOL and to give us answers that have been hanging over our heads for years. Though I can see it being a mini before they go YF way to tie it all up early next year.”
  • “I want it bad but VMA is like 3 days before tour. If they can pull it off then great but if it’s too much pressure on the boy’s then I wouldn’t mind them sitting it out.”
  • “I kinda think it would be a repack, cause all of their mini’s have had like 9 songs or more and that would be a really fast turn around for that many songs.”


And are wondering if the smeraldo flower will have a bigger role in the ongoing “Love Yourself” story.

“I keep waiting for this whole smeraldo thing to get a bigger role, it just keeps lurking in the background, mysteriously.”


But it seems like BTS is keeping quiet about details, so A.R.M.Ys will have to wait to see if their theories are correct.