SM Entertainment Denies EXO’s D.O. Is Not Renewing His Contract

SM Entertainment responded.

Earlier, it was reported that EXO‘s D.O. would not be renewing his contract with SM Entertainment. However, SM Entertainment has now denied the claim.

EXO’s D.O. Will Reportedly Not Renew His Contract With SM Entertainment


SM Entertainment has released 2 short statements regarding the news report.

“The report is completely false. We will release our official position on the matter soon.”

“The report is false. D.O. still has a lot of time left on his contract”

— SM Entertainment


The initial report also stated that all of the EXO members renewed their contracts, except for D.O. With SM Entertainment denying D.O. will be leaving the company, it seems like all 9 members of EXO will stay in SM for their second contract.

Source: Newsen and Sports Chosun