SM Entertainment Finally Announced EXO’s Concert…Just Not The One Fans Were Hoping For

EXO-Ls are understandably upset.

SM Entertainment has finally made an announcement in regards to EXO‘s upcoming concert tour series…it’s just not the one fans were hoping for.


EXO-Ls have been waiting for any kind of news about EXO’s fifth world tour and unfortunately, the news hasn’t been great so far. In January, fans found out that the concert that was scheduled at the KSPO Dome had been canceled by SM Entertainment.


Now fans have finally heard news about an EXO concert! SM Entertainment recently revealed details about an upcoming EXO concert. Or at least, a concert for EXO-CBX. The group is set to continue their Magical Circus tour this year in Japan as part of their suitably named EXO CBX Magical Circus 2019 Special Edition.


While fans are excited for this upcoming tour, they are also a bit disappointed. Their disappointment stems from the fact that their still has not been any news in regards to EXO Planet 5 since the KSPO Dome cancellation news.


Other fans have also been wondering why SM Entertainment decided to do a continuation of CBX’s tour since the subunit has not released any new music since their original concert series last year.


Although fans are disappointed and are still hoping that SM Entertainment will release any kind of news about EXO Planet 5 in the future, they are still incredibly supportive of this CBX tour and wish it was making a few more stops outside of Japan.


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