SM Announces Special Training Opportunity For Young Aspiring Musicians

SM Entertainment is launching their “SMile Music Festival” series for 2018.

SM Entertainment announced their grand plan to help young musicians achieve the opportunity of a lifetime by training with SM’s top trainers and a chance to perform at the “SMile Music Festival 2018”!

This will be the 4th series of “SMile Music Festival”, a program hosted by SM Entertainment in their aim to help young musicians living in difficult situations. The festival is an annual event with the first being held on 2015.

SM plans on sending out applications to the children and youth welfare facilities in the city, with a focus towards brands, dance teams, and groups that have been active for over 5 months. The application period will last for a month starting from June 1.

More information about the application can be found on SMTOWN’s official homepage, as well as “SMile Music Festival” Naver Cafe.

The selected teams will receive 3 months of training, where they will meet SM’s top professionals and mentoring from Kangta and TraxX. SM plans on hosting a joint concert at SMTOWN Coex Artium on November 23rd, where the group will be able to perform in front of a large audience!

The SMile project was launched by SM back in 2014, with the “SMile Music Festival” aiming to help employees find opportunities to volunteer, help artists volunteer their talents, support music education in Korea and all over Asia, and more. SMile actively engages in social contribution activities.

Source: OSEN