OVAN Beats Out BTS, IU, And Zico On Digital Charts, Raises Suspicion

He defended himself on Instagram.

Singer OVAN released his latest single “I Need You” on March 5, and it quickly reached the top spot on Genie‘s music chart.

“I Need You” beat out BTS‘s “ON”, Zico‘s “Any Song”, and IU‘s “I Give You My Heart”. The big names he surpassed has caused him to be embroiled in a chart manipulation controversy.

In response to the criticism he is receiving, OVAN defended himself on his Instagram account.

I don’t want to be hurt, and I don’t want to hate anyone. It’s not a lie. I’m sorry that I’m someone who is being doubted because I don’t deserve it. I’m sorry. But it’s really not a lie.


This is not the first time OVAN was accused of chart manipulation.

He dropped his song “TWENTY” featuring Shaun on August 21, 2018, and it rose to No. 10 in both Genie and Bugs‘ real-time charts within 7 hours of its release.

Source: Nate
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