DJ Soda Suffers Injuries From A Glass Thrown At Her By Club Patron

Hopefully she is okay.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

In a perfect world, fans and artists would be able to interact respectfully, and both walk away safely with a few pictures and an autograph.

Unfortunately for both parties, often times interactions with fans can be dangerous. There have been countless horror stories of fan meets going awry.

DJ Soda is the latest artist to have been put in a dangerous situation due to a fan as the DJ revealed that she suffered injuries from a glass cup thrown at her.

DJ Soda | @deejaysoda/Instagram

On August 3, DJ Soda released CCTV footage of a male throwing something in the direction of the DJ.

The DJ reported she suffered injuries from the glass splinters while also stating that she was in shock.

When I was leaving DJ booth after show today, a guy threw a glass cup to the direction of me leaving and the pieces of broken glasses were splashed to my legs (sic).
So I’ve got a splinter of glass on my right ankle and I’m really in shock with this situation. (sic)

— DJ Soda

The DJ then warned her fans that she wouldn’t tolerate incidents like this anymore.

I really love seeing my fans close to interact more, but if this kind of incidents happen, I can’t come out to see you guys close anymore.
Please keep your etiquette and manners. (sic)

— DJ Soda

Netizens worried about the DJ and consoled her in the comments.

  • “That was dangerous.”
  • “Be careful.”
  • “Wow, how does something like that happen?”
  • “Wow, are you okay?”
  • “That guy is crazy.”
  • “Crazy.”

There are no further reports about the suspect or his motives. DJ Soda has not yet revealed whether she will be filing charges.

DJ Soda is a famous club DJ who started in Korea and now performs all over the world. The DJ will be playing in clubs in Indonesia, Korea, and Japan throughout August.

Source: @deejaysoda/Instagram