Somi Reveals What The Highlight Move For “Dumb Dumb” Symbolizes

She also revealed that the move was suggested to her by Teddy!

Somi recently made her first comeback in a year with “DUMB DUMB”, and revealed an interesting bit of information about the choreography for her song!

Somi | The Black Label

At her comeback showcase, Somi performed her new song, and talked about her comeback process! She soon talked about the choreography, and revealed that the most of the concept and highlight dance move was suggested by Teddy!

As the song switches back and forth from bright vocals in the verse to a more chill, laid-back beat in the chorus, the highlight move shows this very contrast! The move in question is one where Somi forms a mask with her fingers, which is meant to represent the song’s two opposing concepts, which represent her bright and confident sides!

Somi then hilariously revealed how Teddy had even asked her to think about the suggestion a bit more, but she loved the move so much, she just decided to go with that!

Teddy asked, ‘That was just a suggestion, shouldn’t you take a bit more time thinking?’ But I loved his first suggestion so much, I bit into that idea and didn’t let go.


You can watch the MV for “Dumb Dumb” here!

Source: Korea Joongang Daily