Somi Reveals All Her Skincare Secrets—Including The Exact Products She Uses To Get Perfect Skin

Here’s how to get radiant skin like Somi’s.

In a YouTube video for Harper’s BAZAAR, Somi told fans that these days, she doesn’t really see a dermatologist a lot. So, how does she get her skin so perfect? To keep her complexion clear and glowing, Somi follows an extensive skincare routine. And luckily for us, she shared the whole thing—including the exact products she swears by.

Step 1: Makeup Removing

As an idol who has to wear heavy makeup on a near-daily basis, Somi’s first skincare step is to remove all her makeup.

After taking off her eyelashes, she uses Etude House‘s Lip & Eye Remover to cleanse away all those thick products, from eyeliner to mascara.

Step 2: Oil Cleansing

Unlike many Korean skincare advocates, Somi only uses one cleanser after removing her makeup. She swears by an oil cleanser by Shiseido called Senka All Clear Oil, which she says is both thorough and moisturizing.

Somi massages the oil into her face well to ensure all the day’s dirt is removed.

I love this product because it gets everything out of my skin. You know those products where you use it on your face and then when after you rinse it off, it gets super stretchy and it feels like it’s gonna crack? This never happens; it’s super moisturizing.

— Somi

Step 3: Toning

Next up, once Somi’s face is bare, she uses toner. First, she applies it with a cotton pad. Then she “claps” her face to pat everything in.

Alongside removing those last traces of dirt, toner restores Somi’s pH level after cleansing, keeps her skin tight and smooth, improves her complexion, and prepares her skin for the rest of her products.

I think I use a lot of products, and I don’t just stick to one. I like to explore my products, so I use this, and I use that. I try this, I try that. My skin goes bad and then I don’t use that ever again, and that’s just how I roll.

— Somi

Step 4: Essence

Somi says she loves essences, and her product of choice right now is Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate.

This essence defends against daily damage and prevents signs of aging—perfect for an idol like Somi. She says she also has other essences in her collection, including ones laden with vitamins.

I might get some questions telling me “You’re so young, why do you use anti-aging products?”. You want to anti-age your skin. You don’t want it to be aged. So, start using it when you’re young so it never ages.

— Somi

Step 5: Serum

The next step on Somi’s list is one recommended by her makeup artist. Somi applies Freihaut Oxygen O2 Concentrate, a serum designed to reduce inflammatory issues like redness and dull skin.

She applies a few drops to her face and massages it in well.

Step 6: The first moisturizer

Somi revealed her skin is naturally dry, so moisturizing is the most important part of her routine. The first moisturizer Somi uses at night is a Korea product from Jungsaemmool called Essential Mool Cream, which also has anti-aging properties.

She went on to explain that while the featherweight cream has an essence-like watery density, it feels like a “real cream” on her face, delivering plenty of hydration.

You gotta apply it on your neck too because you don’t want your neck to age.

—­ Somi

Step 7: The second moisturizer

And last but not least, Somi applies her second and final moisturizer of the night: Freihaut Oxygen O2 Blue Pearls Cream.

Alongside oxygen, this cream is loaded with ingredients skincare fans swear by, including butcher’s broom, ginkgo biloba, vitamin E and A, and aloe vera.

Source: Harper\\\'s BAZAAR (YouTube)