Somi Shares The Heartwarming Reason Her Mom Is Her Idea Of A Great Woman

Like mother, like daughter!

As a strong, talented, charismatic, and kind person, Somi is unarguably a great woman and as she revealed in an interview with Elle, it’s all because of her own idea of a great woman — her mom!

Covering topics about her music and more during a discussion about her favorite things with Elle, things took an incredibly heartwarming turn when Somi was asked what her idea of a great woman was.

| 엘르 코리아_ELLE KOREA/YouTube

Without any hesitation, Somi promptly responded, “I would say that’s my mother. She’s kind of an alpha female. She’s charismatic and knows how to handle all situations well. I learn a lot from her.”

To Somi, her mom isn’t just her idea of a great woman because she’s charismatic and knows how to handle situations well but also because of how she raised Somi to view her own life.

Recently, I’ve been thinking how my mom has raised me well, to be healthy and casual towards life.

— Somi

With her mom helping Somi become the strong woman she is today, Somi even revealed that she’s even been thinking about how she could teach her future children in the same way! “This led me to think about how to teach my own children! I’ve been thinking about what I need to do if I want my future children to think the same way,” she explained.

She further added, “Although I’m only 20 (Korean age), I’ve already started thinking for my future children.”

It sounds like the saying “like mother, like daughter” definitely rings true for Somi and her mom because they are both absolutely amazing women! Check out what Somi had to say about her mom and more in the video below: