Actress Son Dam Bi Talks About Her 20s, Her Personal Life And More In Recent Interview

She also talked about her famous K-Drama role in “When The Camelia Blooms”!

Son Dam Bi recently held a photoshoot for the May issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, where she stunned with her unreal visuals! She also sat down for an accompanying interview, where she talked about her Youtube channel, as well as showing a new side of herself to her fans.

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Son Dam Bi has been busy opening up to her fans with various content featuring her daily life through hauls, vlogs, exercise, and more!

She talked about her revealing her personal life to the public, sharing how she first began by appearing on MBC‘s I Live Alone, which then inspired her to start her own Youtube channel!

I always thought about showing a different side of me. I wanted to show everyone more of me through videos since we can’t meet in person right now.

— Son Dam Bi

Son Dam Bi also revealed that in terms of starting her YouTube channel, it was something that she had thought about doing for a long time.

I wanted to show fans things like, ‘This is how I’m doing’, ‘These are my interests these days’, ‘These were my interests in my twenties but now at this age, these are my interests.’

— Son Dam Bi

She then talked about the change in her likes and dislikes as she grew older, and also shared the things she’d done for the first time at age 38!

I liked dark things in my twenties, but as I got older, I realized that having a routine that includes being in the sun and caring for plants helped me become healthier.

I changed my bed for the first time at 38. These things last a long time. I thought that luxury bags and expensive cars would show who I was, but I realized that these were just empty shells in the end.

—S on Dam Bi

| Cosmopolitan Korea “July 2020” Issue

Son Dam Bi gained significant attention and love with the K-Drama When The Camelia Blooms and talked about her role as Hyangmi. When asked about her subsequent popularity as an actress after the drama aired, she commented,

I don’t know if I’ll ever meet a character like that again.

— Son Dam Bi


She also shared how she relaxes these days and revealed that “not cleaning my house” was the best type of healing for her these days!

Fans are loving her content, as well as her unchanging visuals!

| @xodambi/Instagram
Source: Star Daily News