Popular Actress Shocks Fans With Surprise Wedding Announcement — Agency Confirms

Congrats to the couple!

Actress Son Eun Seo is getting married to her boyfriend.

Son Eun Seo | @soneunseo85/Instagram

On October 4, OSEN reported that actress Son Eun Seo, who is known for her performances on K-Dramas such as Big Bet and Voice 2, is marrying her boyfriend and movie producer, Jang Won Suk.

Jang Won Suk | News1

The news outlet reported that the couple is getting married in November in Hawaii. The report also stated that the private ceremony would be held with only the couple’s family in attendance.

Son Eun Seo’s agency confirmed the news and asked fans to give the couple their blessing.

Son Eun Seo has found her special person and will be getting married in November. The groom-to-be is a movie producer, and the ceremony will be held quietly with only family members in attendance.

Currently, Son Eun Seo is busy preparing for her wedding. She is also planning on continuing her acting career. Lastly, please send the couple your warm blessings.

— Just Entertainment

Meanwhile, Son Eun Seo revealed that she was dating Jang Won Suk in February. The two are said to have been long-time acquaintances and started dating last November. Jang Won Suk is a famous movie producer who has worked on classics such as The King And The Clown and The Roundup series.

Source: wikitree