Rival Football Players Son Heung Min And Alisson Go Viral For Their Heartwarming Interaction After Their World Cup Match

We’re not crying, you are 😢

The FIFA World Cup has the entire world hooked for a multitude of reasons.

Recently, an interaction between two star players of opposing teams is making the rounds online: South Korea’s national football captain, Son Heung Min, and Brazil’s star goalkeeper, Alisson Becker.

Son Heung Min
Alisson Becker

They were captured on camera talking and closely hugging each other after the end of their Round of 16 match against each other on December 5.

Alisson was seen patting Son Heung Min’s back in a consoling manner. The latter had just suffered a crushing defeat against the other man’s team with a 4-1 (Brazil-South Korea) final score.

It was a wholesome moment of sportsmanship that captured the hearts of thousands of fans. They took to Twitter to express their amazement at their friendship, noting how the athletes were able to set aside their differences despite being opponents.

The interaction was even more remarkable knowing they were bitter rivals on the court just moments before, with Son Heung Min attempting to score goals past Alisson.

Son Heung Min is a forward in the Tottenham Hotspur F.C. (also known as Spurs) while Alisson is the goalkeeper of Liverpool F.C. They are among some of the most talented football players at present.

Both athletes at currently at the top of the football sport in rival teams. While it is not clear how exactly they grew so close, it was inferred that they met sometime while they were playing as the stars of their clubs.

This is not the first time they interacted with each other before or after a game. In the friendly match between their countries held last June, Alisson patted the Son Heung Min’s head before they wrapped their arms around each other affectionately.

Now, their example of friendship and mutual respect is making headlines!

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