Son Naeun’s Latest Instagram Post Has Fans Worried About Her Mental Health

Her simple post contained a whole lot of meaning.

Apink‘s Son Naeun recently uploaded an Instagram post of an artwork without any captions or explanation.

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The artwork depicted a man only dressed in white shorts stuck in a deep square hole, reaching up towards a man dressed in a black suit who is apparently trying to help him out.


But if you take a closer look, the man in the suit has a long ladder next to him. He could easily use the ladder to help the man up but keeps it laid flat on the ground, out of the other man’s vision.


The artwork was revealed to be titled “The Present Man’s Real Intensions”, where the artist depicted how people in today’s society can’t be honest with how they’re truly feeling.


Fans began speculating that Son Naeun was expressing her recent frustrations where haters continue to leave malicious comments about her plastic surgery rumors.

  • “The [haters] are really too much. Celebrities are humans too, so of course they can get hurt. People get easily hurt by words that aren’t even intended towards them; just imagine how she felt reading those hateful messages. Please think before you comment.”
  • “A post about Son Naeun’s beauty received more than 40 dislikes before… These f*cking crazy haters.”


Other speculated that Son Naeun felt betrayed by someone close to her, which led her to upload this discreet post.

“The image can also mean that the man in the suit can save the man stuck in the whole, but chooses not to. It could stand for betrayal… I think she’s depicting betrayal more than anything.” — Netizen


No matter the reason, Apink fans showered her with love and support as they reminded her that they will be there for her forever.

  • “I’m not sure what she’s feeling but I can tell she’s suffering a lot…”
  • “Stay strong whatever is happening 💛💛💛💛”
  • “Don’t worry unnie, Pandas are always here for you. We love you 💕”
  • “There are a lot of fake people in the world.. not only in your world but ours too.. I just want you to know that you’re not alone.. keep fighting be stronger!! ❤”
Source: Nate Pann