Radio Star Host Under Fire For Forcing Son Naeun To Address Plastic Surgery Rumors

“It’s as if Radio Star can’t keep the show going without offending all of their guests.”

Apink‘s Son Naeun was one of the guests on the latest episode of Radio Star. When one of the host, Yoon Jong Shin, continued to ask her about her “natural beauty”, Son Naeun was forced to respond — causing the show to receive a tremendous amount of criticism.


Yoon Jong Shin first mentioned that Son Naeun is beautiful, then continued to ask if she is “all natural”.

“You’re all natural, right? I mean, if you had something done, I think it was done very nicely. It looks completely natural.”

— Yoon Jong Shin


When Son Naeun avoided responding the question by pointing out the fact that she and the host have never met each other, or in other words, he wouldn’t know what is natural or not, the other hosts like Kim Gu Ra and Kim Gook Jin came to her aid.

“She just told you that you two have never met. She’s trying to tell you to stop asking her about what you don’t know.”

— Kim Gook Jin


Unfortunately, Yoon Jong Shin continued to discuss plastic surgery and asked if it was wrong of him to compliment her beauty. Kim Gu Ra advised, if the intent is to compliment beauty, then the host should simply say she is beautiful.

“Plastic surgery is no big deal these days. Isn’t it almost a praise to ask if someone is natural?”

— Yoon Jong Shin


To this, Son Naeun simply said, “I work on maintaining my looks bit by bit.”


Some viewers grew uncomfortable with Yoon Jong Shin’s almost confrontational question about Son Naeun’s appearance. Most voiced that when the girl group member clearly attempts to avoid answering a question, the host should move on, instead of dragging it out until they’re forced to give a response.

  • “I wish Koreans would stop asking such rude questions about people’s appearances on TV shows. I know that it’s all for fun and entertainment – but getting a good laugh out of someone’s appearance is what makes the Korean society so obsessive over looks. It’s not normal to evaluate other people’s faces, guys.”

  • “How f*cking rude LMAO. They NEVER ask male guests if they’re natural beauties.”

  • “I’m sorry, but Naeun’s nose is very obviously not natural. So for him to ask something like that, it’s all set up to shame Naeun.”

  • “Her face, her right. Yoon Jong Shin should really learn to just focus on his face… People are so f*cking critical about other people’s looks.”

  • “Shows a lot about Yoon Jong Shin’s manners. Why does he care about what she had or not had done, especially if it’s his first time meeting her?”

  • “Sooooooo rude. Did he really ask her about her face when they’ve just met? LMAO. It’s as if Radio Star can’t keep the show going without offending all of their guests. It says a lot about what kind of a show it is.”
Source: MK