Actress Son Tae Young Makes Reference To MMA Controversy In Recent SNS Post

She is reflecting upon her actions.

Actress Son Tae Young recently made reference to the controversy over her son’s special treatment at the 2018 MMA for the first time and expressed her regret over the incident.


On January 1, the actress shared a picture of a cake and a new year’s message on her social media.


In the message, she thanked her fans for the love and interest she received in 2018 and also mentioned the controversy she sparked in December, expressing her regrets.

“2018 was a year filled with joy and happiness thanks to your love and interest. There were times I received criticism for my inadequacies, but I am thankful as it made me keenly realize the need to think more carefully and modestly before acting.”

ㅡ Son Tae Young


She concluded by showing her determination to become more mature and wished everyone a happy new year.

“With hopes that 2019 will be a year of health and brightness, I will develop myself more! Happy new year everyone~”

ㅡ Son Tae Young


Meanwhile, Son Tae Young was under fire for allowing her son and niece to sit in an area specially designated for singers at the 2018 Melon Music Awards (MMA).

Actress Son Tae Young Under Fire For Providing Special Treatment At MMA


At the time, her agency explained that her son wanted to see his mother receive an award and that he left right after seeing his mother.

“The child wanted to see his mother receive the award and so a staff member showed him to the seat. They didn’t know the seats were designated for singers. He went in before [Son Tae Young received the award] and left right after she seeing her receive the award..”

ㅡ Son Tae Young’s agency


This angered fans even more with many attendees of the event claiming that they saw Son Tae Young’s son and niece sit throughout BTS and Wanna One‘s performance.


One month later, Son Tae Young finally referred back to the incident for the first time.

Source: Newsen