[★VIDEO] SONAMOO praised for their commemoration of Korea’s Independence day

SONAMOO has entered the public’s eyes once again with their ending pose following the completion of their stage on the recent Inkigayo episode. 

Aired on March 1st, the rookie girl group held their comeback stage with their follow up track “Just Go,” a song that portrays a completely different side of SONAMOO compared to “Deja Vu.”

Their Inkigayo stage became a hot issue with netizens praising the girls for their use of the Korean flag during their performance of the lighthearted track as well as for their ending pose, in which they looked off to to the side simultaneously with right hand placed over their hearts as they paid respects to their country’s flag.

Following the performance, Minjae also tweeted, “Today March 1st is Independence Day! We reminded ourselves of the meaning of this date and put the Korean flag on our shirts!” posting a photo of herself with member Euijin, who posed next to her while making a three and one in each hands as a mark for March 1st.

March 1st is the independence day of Korea, which marks the date on which Korea was freed from the Japanese invasion.