Song Hae receives kiss from Girl’s Day’s Hyeri at the KBS Entertainment Awards

Veteran entertainer Song Hae received a kiss on the cheek from Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri during the 2014 KBS Entertainment Awards

On December 27th , the two worked together as presenters for the year-end ceremony as they collaborated to give present the Producer Special Award to Lee Hwi-jae and Song Il-gook. Despite being fifty-years apart in age, Song Hae and Hyeri amplified the appeal of the ceremony that reached out to various ages and generations.

As they entered the stage, the two exchanged humorous banter before Hyeri planted a quick peck on the cheek of the senior entertainer. Despite experiencing a kiss from the Girl’s Day member, Song Hae cutely laughed it off and continued with the show. The pair quickly wrapped things up and announced the winners of the Producer Special Award.

Song Hae is not the first entertainer to be lucky enough to receive a kiss from the lovely Hyeri. In October, the singer also planted a couple on the cheek of comedian Shin Dongyup, who had the luck of earning several kisses during Girl’s Day’s aegyo battle on the October 11th edition of tvN’s “Saturday Night Live: Korea”.

Source: Newsen