Singer Song Ha Yea Uploads Cryptic Instagram Post That May Allude To Actor Jisoo’s Alleged Bullying Controversy

She deleted the post soon after.

Amongst the multiple bullying controversies within the entertainment industry, the most recent one has been allegations made against actor Jisoo. After his agency released a statement claiming they were investigating, Jisoo uploaded a handwritten apology. The apology cleanly apologized for causing harm to people in his past and he expressed his regret.

| @actor_jisoo/Instagram

As he acknowledged his mistakes, singer Song Ha Yea uploaded a photo with a cryptic message.

| @hayeasong/Instagram

In a now deleted post, she claims, “Finally, an acknowledgement. #SchoolViolence is really the worst. #WhatGoesAroundComesAround (high chances of a victims reunion meeting)

| theqoo

As Jisoo was the only one who acknowledged his allegations on March 4, 2021, her post is speculated to be alluding towards him.

Source: Sports Chosun