Song Hye Gyo and Park Bo Gum Share Their First Kiss, Ratings Shoot Up To The Top

Fans are dying to know what Song Joong Ki thinks!

Song Hye Gyo and Park Bo Gum have been showing off their amazing chemistry on their popular drama Encounter.


In the most recent episode of the drama, the two made viewers swoon with their first kiss!


According to Nielsen Korea, Episode 8 of Encounter enjoyed an average viewership rate of 9.2% and a peak rating of 10%, once again taking first place in it’s time slot.


The episode featured Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Gyo’s first kiss, as their characters Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun fall deeper and deeper in love.


Fans certainly enjoyed the kiss, though some couldn’t help but imagine what Park Bo Gum’s best friend and Song Hye Gyo’s husband Song Joon Ki thought about the romantic moment!

Source: Insight