Song Hye Kyo Looks Angelic At Her First Public Appearance Since The Divorce

Her beauty was unreal.

At this public appearance at a cosmetic brand’s promotional event, first since the news of her divorce with Song Joong Ki, actress Song Hye Kyo looked gorgeous as usual and completely unshaken by her marital status.


When Song Hye Kyo announced that she will be attending this event as scheduled shortly after the divorce news, fans became slightly worried as to how soon she decided to expose herself to the public amidst the attention.


However, Song Hye Kyo wanted to keep her promise to show up at the event out of the loyalty she has with the brand. And when she did appear at the site of the event, she dropped a million jaws with her stunning, unchanged beauty.


In her elegant lacey white dress, Song Hye Kyo posed with the brand’s product and the cameras tried to capture her breathtaking gorgeousness. She looked almost angelic in the outfit, with her flawless skin highlighted even more under the lighting.


Fans are relieved to see Song Hye Kyo look stable after the news of her divorce shook the nation. She handled the event professionally and her fans are praising her for being able to stand up in front of the public eye as such, even after what she has been through.


While nothing is certain with Song Hye Kyo’s relationship with Song Joong Ki and not a lot of information has been shared about her future plans in the entertainment industry, her fans believe Song Hye Kyo will continue to pull through.


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Source: THEQOO