Song Joong Ki Gave Up His Center Spot To An Unknown Actor So They Get More Screen Time

What a selfless man 😍

Song Joong Ki fluttered the hearts of all his fans with his most recent kind gesture.

Actor Song Joong Ki | Huffington Post Korea

Recently, the cast of tvN‘s Vincenzo was featured on a YouTube channel where they discussed the drama’s mega-popularity and celebrated the bittersweet ending of the series. The episode was filled with laughter and excitement, but a sweet gesture made by the main actor of the drama is making headlines.

As the episode prepared for the recording, Song Joong Ki, along with female lead actress Jeon Yeo Bin can be seen sitting in the center amongst all their fellow Vincenzo cast mates.

Song Joong Ki in the center, circled in yellow by Koreaboo for clarification | @15ya/YouTube

As the actors were getting settled, Song Joong Ki noticed a lesser known actor sitting in the very corner of the group. It was then that Song Joong Ki called over to Lee Dal and told him to trade spots with him.

“Dal-ah, you come sit in the center.” | @15ya/YouTube

Song Joong Ki and Lee dal and can be seen trading seats before the show began filming.

Song Joong Ki guiding Lee Dal to the center spot | @15ya/Youtube

As Song Joong Ki made his way to the corner spot, the other actors couldn’t help but show their concern. For any type of recording, seating is planned out meticulously and thoroughly. Every placement is done with a plan in mind and usually, the most well-known star is seated in the middle of the room for easy camera access. Due to the placement, the center seat naturally garners more camera time, allowing for more exposure to whomever is in that spot.

Song Joong Ki was naturally placed in the center amongst his Vincenzo actors due to his establishment as one of South Korea’s top actors, as well as his main character title of the tvN drama. However, the kind-hearted actor gave up his center spot for Lee Dal, who is a lesser known actor to ensure camera time.

Caption: “He moved to the most corner seat.” | @15ya/YouTube

To lessen his fellow actors’ concerns, Song Joong Ki joked around with those around him to lighten the mood. He casually told ensured everyone that no matter where he’s seated, he’s guaranteed to get the most camera time.

“I’m going to get the most screen time regardless.” | @15ya/YouTube

While everyone knows that Song Joong Ki is bound to receive the most spotlight regardless of where he’s seated, the small gesture was too grand to ignore and we’re sure Lee Dal appreciated it.

Song Joong Ki in the corner, circled in yellow by Koreaboo for clarification | @15ya/YouTube

Vincenzo just concluded with the airing of their final episode. The series broke numerous records with each episode reveal, as the drama went on to become one of the highest ranking tvN dramas the network has seen.

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