Song Yu Vin shares second image teaser for debut album

On March 10th, Song Yu Vin released a second image teaser for her upcoming debut album, hinting that a yet unknown singer will be featuring.

Similar to the first teaser released by MusicWorks via their official Instagram account on March 9th, the image featured pictures of headphones. However, in the second image teaser, a second set of matching headphones has been added on the right side with the word “WHO” written underneath. The curiosity of the fans has increased and has made them all the more eager to know who the mystery singer is.

A long hashtag accompanied the image, which read: “This is Song Yu Vin’s second teaser! So who do you think the mystery singer will be? Remember! I will reveal who it is on March 11th at midnight!

Comments from fans were all filled with curiosity as to who the mystery singer will be. Comments such as “I’m curious to know if it is a rapper or a singer” and “I’m curious. Just tell us now!” were left, revealing their eagerness to know.

On last year’s Superstar K6, the sixth season of talent show Superstar K, Song Yu Vin was among the TOP4 finalists, and while receiving lots of support and love from her fans, preparations for the release of her debut album have intensified.

Source: Wowstar