Actor Song Kang’s Official Fanclub Name Is A Food Item But It Holds A Deeper Meaning

Meaningful and adorable!

Actor Song Kang recently held a mini-contest for his official fanclub name. Fans tried to make the name as sweet as ever but of course, there were some fans that made puns out of his name. He received a multitude of suggestions, including the following hilarious ones.

  • Song Puppy  — A play on the word puppy, kangaji and his name.
  • River — His name, Kang, means river in Korean.
  • Song Jin — Meaning resin in Korean.
  • Song Kang Ho — A play on the word for extreme like, kangho, and his name.

The chosen name? Songpyeon! He personally announced it during his fanmeeting on June 13, 2022.

Songpyeon is both a pun on his name as well as a food item. Of course, it also holds a sweeter and deeper meaning. Songpyeon is a traditional Korean food made and eaten on special holidays such as New Year’s and Chuseok. It’s dumplings made out of soft, rice cake skin and filled with delicious fillings such as honey, nuts and more.

The name also holds the special meaning of always being on Song Kang’s pyeon, the Korean word for one’s side. Fans will always have his back! The fanclub name is both adorable, and meaningful. Afterall, Songpyeons are known to be one of the prettiest traditional Korean foods out there!

Source: Instiz