Songwriter Of HyunA’s “Red” Defends Himself Against Hate Comments Regarding The Song

“It’d be better if I knew the reason.”

YouTube channel AYO invited two professional songwriters, Big Sancho and Son Yeong Jin, to reveal insider K-Pop information during their “Comment Defenders” series. They were presented with a number of questions, from why groups mainly have just one songwriter to why songs written by idols rarely get picked.

Big Sancho (Left) and Son Yeong Jin (Right)
Big Sancho was even faced with a hate comment, saying, “What I first thought when I listened to HyunA’s ‘Red’ [was] I can make a better one in 5 minutes lol”.

The first thing he responded with was, “I wish I could actually give you 5 minutes!” He explained that it’s much harder to make a song than most people think.

For real, if you can make one in 5 minutes, can you? I bet my wrist you can’t.

Big Sancho

More importantly, “Red” was the definition of new and cool when it was released six years ago in 2014. Making a song is hard enough, but being innovative is even rarer.

‘Red’ was very trendy back then, and almost nobody tried it out before.

Big Sancho

Without knowing why the person behind the comment disliked the song, the songwriter did not have any proper comeback. Though he welcomed criticism for him, the comment was not constructive.

It’d be better if I knew the reason, but it doesn’t say why it’s not good. It’s like, you confessed your feelings and she goes, ‘I just hate you’.

Big Sancho

In the end, Big Sancho could only comment, “If I know why you hate me, I can fix it. But [the comment] didn’t say it, so it hurts.”

If you want to find out more insider information, check out the video below.