[★TRENDING] Sooyoung hilariously bribes her captor for her freedom on “Running Man”

Girls’ Generation made a guest appearance on the latest episode of SBS‘s Running Man episode, which also featured two special guests.

Aired on July 5th, SHINee‘s Minho and mixed martial artist Choi Hong Man made an appearance during a name tag elimination mission.

Choi Hong Man corners Sooyoung at one of the mall’s store where she hid in its changing stall, pulling the door back in hopes to keep her captor away. After confirming there was someone on the other side, Sooyoung pleads with him to allow her to live as it is “her first time being on ‘Running Man.'”

The mixed martial artist quickly retorted, “It’s my first time too!”

Sooyoung quickly changes tactics and begins to barter with him, first saying, “Oppa, please just spare me once… I’ll give you all of Girls’ Generation’s phone numbers!”

When that didn’t work, she continues, “Oppa, any time you want…I’ll buy you dinner!” And as he contemplates on the deal, she yells through the other side of the door again, “Oppa, you really want to miss out on getting all of Girls’ Generation’s phone numbers, tickets to our concert, and signed CDs?”

As soon as she finishes her sentence, Choi Hong Man quickly agrees and leaves the scene, allowing Sooyoung to remain safe…at least for a little while.

It’s safe to say, Sooyoung has quickly learned the ways of Running Man! In Girls’ Generation’s last appearance in 2012, Sooyoung and Tiffany did not appear, making this the first time for their appearance.