[★VIDEO] South Korea makes a dramatic comeback with a win against Spain in “FIFA Women’s World Cup”

South Korea’s women’s soccer team entered the FIFA Women’s World Cup knockout stage for the first time in history, defeating Spain 2-1 after a dramatic comeback in the second half. 

On June 18th, Korea’s team fought back from a goal down to defeat Spain and effectively eliminating the Spanish team from the knockout stage in the tournament.

Spain steam rolled through the first half of the match, leaving Korea trailing behind with a score of 0-1 by halftime. However, the Koreans didn’t let their mentality crack and instead came out of halftime with an even stronger front.

The second half of the match opened with Korea heading a ball to tie the score and continuing to play a tough defense, preventing any further goals from Spain.

Spain’s fate was sealed after Korea shot an unexpected ball past Spain’s goalkeeper and Spain hit the crossbar with their last minute free-kick.

Korea will be advancing to play France in the knockout round of the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Watch some highlights from the tough match below:


Source: FIFA