[★BREAKING] South Korea fires warning shots at “unidentified object” from North Korea

South Korean troops fired at an “unidentified object” coming from North Korea, across the DMZ.

Image Source: U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Sheila deVera

The object was detected at around 4 PM, coming in from North Korea and across the DMZ border where Korean soldiers are positioned.

Image Source: Business Insider

The South Korean military fired more than 90 K-3 machine gun rounds at the object.

The object has yet to be identified, but sources reveal it may have been a drone.

Image Source: Gizmodo

This incident occurred only two days after North Korea’s last missile test, which traveled 500km.

Image Source: Reuters

South Korea is currently analyzing the situation and has ramped up their air defense systems in response.

Image Source: The Atlantic

Source: Bloomberg