South Korea’s First Lady Gifts UAE Students With Signed BTS Albums

BTS is loved even in the Middle East!

While visiting the United Arab Emirates with South Korean President Moon Jae In, first lady Kim Jung Sook gifted students learning Korean with signed BTS CDs!


First lady Kim Jung Sook met with the students of the King Sejong Institute in Abu Dhabi at the food court of a “souq,” which is a traditional market.


While drinking coffee personally brewed by the students, they conversed in Korean. She was very impressed with their Korean language skills, so she asked them, “How do you speak Korean so well?


The students revealed that many female students in the UAE love the Korean language as well as Korean culture, food, and K-Pop.


Impressed with their love for Korea, Kim Jung Sook thanked them for their passion.

“Thank you for your interest in Korea.  I hope we will have more opportunities to meet in the future, and can better understand one another and share more.” — Kim Jung Sook


Before parting ways, Kim Jung Sook presented the students with autographed BTS CDs. They thanked her for the gift and promised to do their part in strengthening the relationship between Korea and the UAE.


The boys of BTS, making peace in the Middle East!

Source: Sports Seoul, Kookmin Ilbo and TheBlueHouseKR